iSpin 1.8

XP style on your Palm device

Tired of expensive launcers that offer only simple skin add-ons? iSpin is just the application for you!

Features that can only be found on iSpin:

  • Multitasking
  • Windows/mac/etc. appearcance
  • File Browser
  • Open source channel viewer
  • DIA support
  • The easiest launcher ever with card support
  • Reads a card like Windows would
  • Progressive improvements with unequalled features

iSpin also has many more features but you should try it out and find them for yourself!

iSpin launcher is a PalmOS launcher with a set of incredible features. It is the standard PalmOS launcher replacement, which provides gives a feeling of multi-tasking environment.

User reviews about iSpin

  • popmania7

    by popmania7

    "Windows Moble Pros, But can run Palm OS stuff"

    I love it but think there are 4 features that would make this absolutly perfect. Overall, i love it, but would die...   More.

  • scliffy

    by scliffy

    "Not the only program"

    It's quite good but it's not the only program that can do these things!!.   More.